Blog de Bernard Pineau (en cours de réalisation, patience...) Vous pouvez consulter mon site commercial
Blog de Bernard Pineau (en cours de réalisation, patience...)Vous pouvez consulter mon site commercial

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Bernard Pineau

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Atelier en charente maritime, Mortagne sur Gironde.



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I was born as a Christian Catholic in 1951 in France, in a small town called Royan. Situated on the seaside and the mouth of the Gironde river , 120 km above Bordeaux. It’s a town that was completely destroyed at the end of the Second World War due to two bombings in January 1945. Reconstructed and completely influenced by 1950s and 1960s styles.  A Phoenix town, as it was many times, destroyed and rebuilt again and again during its history. This idea of wiping out and complete creating nourished me as i grew up and gave me the need for new. And so it is, that many times in my life I have changed activity to take a new path.

My parents were both workers and participated in the construction of the rebuilding of the town. Up to my fifth birthday my parents were housed in temporary housing estate, made of wood. And then we moved to a new building close to the seaside, we could hear the ocean roaring during storms and high seas. My parents never pushed me in anyway I grew up with complete freedom.

My luck, and it is the real joy of my life, is the beauty and the diversity of the landscapes in this region I live and grew up in. Huge beaches but  small creeks, and massive forests, rocks and cliffs. At a very young age and thanks to the trust my parents had in me, I got used to going out at night to admire the ocean. My small dog came with me and reassured me on my walks. I spent hours in silence, in a meditative state, fascinated by the beauty and strength of waves. I meditated without knowing, I so enjoyed being in this state of conscience that as a child I was able to confront my fears and walk on into the dark nights through wooded windy pathways and not feel afraid.